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Asema IoT Central is an integrated connectivity solution for Internet of Things applications. It lets you collect and analyze data from the field, control devices near and far, and orchestrate operations.

Unlike the majority of alternative IoT middleware solutions on the market, Asema IoT Central has been designed as one, compact application package. This makes it run faster, smoother, with less memory, and in multiple architectures.

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Properly manage the evolution of your system as equipment and connections are installed and upgraded.

Is is a rare luxury to be able to run an IoT system that performs just one task and is completely isolated from other systems. The reality is usually the exact opposite: multiple device vendors, multiple architectures, systems patched together piece by piece as time passes.

Keeping connections reliable and data consistent is challenging in such situations. How to abstract things correctly so that a whole structure does not change due to a tweak in a seemingly minor detail? How to identify units consistently as equipment is upgraded? How to build one coherent view into data from multiple vendors? How to securely manage connections when some units are accessed directly, some through gateways, and some through a jungle of cloud APIs with all sorts of authentication methods and different credentials? How to keep track of activities performed and charge and pay for access when the contracts and payments differ case by case?

The Smart API has been designed for situations like these. It is one consistent, expandable data design for accurate, secure, and semantically correct data exchange. It embeds a predefined, well-designed architecture for identifying and contacting units, announcing the location and access to data, and defining data in formats that are generalizable and stand the test of time as systems evolve.

Asema IoT Central natively supports the Smart API and makes the management of such situations much easier for users and software architects.

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Smart energy

Energy networks are an especially demanding application for IoT due to high reliability requirements, interoperability demands, and cost limits. This is why Asema IoT Central has for years been developed in close cooperation with utlities and their R&D to fulfill the needs of demand response and renewable energy.

Smart mobility

With integrated routing, mapping, and congestion management capabilities, Asema IoT Central is an ideal base for smart mobility applications. The integrated sharing and billing features make it easy to build solutions involving for example ride sharing or smart charging.

Smart infrastructure

Managing people in open offices, analyzing the quality of air, calculating the consumption of energy, monitoring occupation of rooms, locating expensive equipment, etc is all a part of smart infrastructure management. Asema IoT Central captures all this and visualizes life in buildings with graphical floor plans and charts.

Smart maintenence

Large cost savings can be achieved with preventive maintenance by analyzing the performance equipment operators, and monitoring critical telematics data in real time. With Asema IoT Edge and smart sensors, this intelligence can be placed in both moving and stationary equipment.


With Asema IoT Central, you create a solution once, then run it anywhere. The core software handles the differences between operating platforms so that your application on top of it runs without changes. Asema IoT software is available in three different editions, each for a particular operating environment. They seamlessly connect together and share data, objects, and controls securely.

Asema IoT Central

Central is for PC's and servers. As the name implies, it typically runs at the central data collection point of the solution and contains the business rules and core connections. However, the architecture is not limited to just one central server. Each Asema IoT Central can talk to any number of other Centrals, creating a grid architecture instead of a more traditional star or tree.

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Asema IoT Dashboard

The Dashboard edition is for mobile devices and runs on tablets and smartphones. It automatically connects to servers hosting the Asema IoT Central and syncs data to mobile users. Because of the unique architecture, a separate mobile app is not needed: the same application code that runs on Asema IoT Central works equally well on Android and iOS devices.

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Asema IoT Edge

Edge provides full IoT functionality in extreme compact size of about 3MB of RAM (on a 32 bit ARM). With that size it fits into tiny and cheap USB size computers, car computers, navigation devices, and more. Asema IoT Edge has been designed for local logic and gateways in the field and its purpose is to offer interfacing to sensors, offline logging and logic functionality, and autonomous operation with fast response time.

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Asema Iot Central allows you to connect literally any actuator, sensor or other device into the system. Industry standard protocols such as CoAP and MQTT make it possible to interface with dozens of existing devices and custom device drivers can be used to plug in even exotic equipment.

Gateways and VPNs

You can connect devices directly or through a grid of gateways and edge devices, over short distances with Bluetooth and NFC or long distance over IP, LoRa, Sigfox, and more. The semantic Smart API is natively supported by the software for a unified view into data to users and partners irrespective of data origin. Asema's CloudRoute technology builds secure tunnels between network nodes and handles passes tricky firewalls securely in both directions.

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Build dashboards with drag & drop

With fully customizable drag & drop monitoring dashboards you get a real-time view on the devices, whether stationary or mobile. The property handling logic lets you define controls on any variable and trigger events when they change.

Natively mobile

Data is easily reachable in the field with native mobile apps and interfaces that automatically sync data and work also offline. A library of pre-existing buttons, gauges, graphs and the like make monitoring changes in equipment intuitive.

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Automatically crunch Big Data

Asema IoT Central tracks the usage of each device to enable monitoring of wear & tear, usage patterns, congestion, and so forth. To design your data analysis, cleanup and modification patterns, simply drag methods to the editor and link them. For advanced analysis, the system integrates with stastitical tools such as R to help in processing the big data and making decisions on the fly.

High speed databases

Asema IoT Central supports modern high speed NoSQL databases for recording high speed streams of data. The event architecture lets databases capture changes in any property and measure in the system.

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Modern scripting and design tools for customization

Asema Iot Central offers software developers tools to create custom Internet of Things solutions that display items automatically on maps, canvases, and even 3D surfaces. The unique property system makes creating real-time solutions a breeze with automatic updates of values, buttons and visuals.

Native apps and browsers

Applications can run as HTML5 apps on browsers or as native applications on PC's, smartphones and tablets. With Asema IoT Central an application developed once on one platform will run on all other platforms with the same code. There is no need for e.g. separate mobile app development.

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